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              History of the Universal Catholic Church. Bekken, Abp. D.E.          $1.50
              A Month of Sundays. Howard, Bp.T.J.  Thirty sermons for the several church seasons. 104 pages. Perfect bound book        $9.00

Musical Pew Missal for the Holy Eucharist.  Music for the Mass, 48 pages.  Includes the music for all portions of the service sung be the congregation.

5" x 8"

Large print 8" x 11" booklet


      The Liturgy of the Young Rite.  Available through
Book of Ceremonies of the Young Rite.  Available through

A Book of Hours, Noted--Experimental. 
Includes Lauds, Prime, Sext, None, Vespers, and Complin. Three forms of the Creed.  arranged in four-part harmony


Holy Week Services. 32 pages booklet.

             Liberal Catholic Movement Jewelry
Tie Bar
Cuff links
             CD: St. Francis of San Diego Liberal Catholic Missa Cantata Mass and St. Alban of Hollywood Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament.         $7.50
             Ceremonies of the Young Rite.  Cooper, Bp. Irving S. edited by van Alphen, Bp. M.      $25.00
             DVD: Liberal Catholic Mass--Low Mass.  Full Form Liberal Catholic Rite.      $12.50
            Epistles & Gospels--Modern Language.  Standard readings in modern English.  Not an official publication      $3.50

First Edition of the Liturgy of the Liberal Catholic Church
This is a facsimile (photo reprint) of the original edition (UK, 1919) of The Liturgy under the imprimatur of The Most Rev. James I. Wedgwood, the first Presiding Bishop. The main differences from the Third Edition, above, are the inclusion of a Mass of the Presanctified on Good Friday and Holy Saturday, additional Collects for various saints (St. Andrew St. George, St. David, and St. Patrick), and various minor changes in wording of Collects, Epistles and Gospels. Church calendar through the year 1940 as printed in 1919 !
496 Pages, 1st Edition, 2014 reprint.

Hardcover, with ribbon.

Paperback, no ribbon

Amice and Apparel.  No longer available but patterns are included in the Vestment Manual.


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