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Each Denomination has its own Statement of Principles, sometimes including a Summary of Doctrine. Contact the individual Church for further information.


Statement of Principles of the Universal Catholic Church. Included is a condensed Table of Apostolic Succession. 2011 Edition
8 Pages, Booklet


The General Constitution of the Universal Catholic Church.
2008 Edition
12 Pages, Booklet


The Code of Canons of the Universal Catholic Church.
2008 Edition
12 Pages, Booklet


Freedom of Thought, An Encyclical.
Matthews, The Most Rev. Edward M.

Matthews' 1959 clarification that the Liberal Catholic Church and those Churches deriving their Orders through him do not teach the dogma of Reincarnation. Also discusses the formal nature of the requirements for a valid Christian Church, the freedom of belief of the laity, and the somewhat more restricted freedom of belief of the clergy.
2009 Edition
4 Pages, Booklet


The Apostolical Succession in the Liberal Catholic Church.
Cockerham, The Rev. A.J. New Introduction by The Most Rev. Elizabeth Stuart.

A history of the theology of the Apostolic Succession in general and as present in The Liberal Catholic Movement. (The cover photograph was taken at St. Thomas Cathedral Liberal Catholic Church, New York City.)
2006 Edition
116 Pages, Paperback Book.


Table of Apostolic Succession in the Universal Catholic Church.
Listing only consecrations pertinent to the UCC.
8 Pages, Booklet


The Path to Catholic Liberalism
Sayer-Richardson, Bp. Anthony
A history of development of the Liberal Catholic movement from its origins in the Dutch Old Catholic Church to about 1972.
16 Pages, Booklet


Liberal Catholic Worship: A User's Guide.
McFadden, Fr. Walter
A step-by-step examination of the Liberal Catholic Eucharistic Rite, from Processional through Recessional, explaining each action and its significance. Features comments on the inner side of the service as taught by Bps. Wedgwood and Leadbeater. Includes glossary.
Color Plate, 36 Pages, Booklet


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