Table of Contents

Forewords to the Various Editions

Chapter I. General Remarks

Ecclesiastical Colors

Additional Topics


Types of Seams

Vestment Hangers


Care of Linen

Recommended Equipment Lits

Chapter II. The Linen Vestments

The Cotta

The Surplice

The Alb

The Amice Cape

Miscellaneous Linens

The Purificator

The Corporal

The Pall

Lavabo Towels

The Baptismal Vesture

Vimpa and Humeral Veil

The Gremial

Special Linens

The Altar Linens

The Credence Table Cover

Chapter III. The Cassock and Related Items

The Collapsible Biretta

Chapter IV. Eucharist Vestments

The Priestís Set

The Cope

The Chasuble

The Eucharistic Stole

The Maniple

The Apparel of the Amice

The Burse

The Veil


The Dalmatic and Tunicle

Chapter V. Bishopís Items

The Rochet

The Mitre

Appendix: Sewing Patterns

A Method for Sewing a Mitred Corner