Original Preface by F. W. Pigott                                              


Preface to the Second Edition by C.G. Cain                             


Chapter I.      Introduction                                                      1


Chapter  II.    The Deposit of Faith                                        9


Chapter III.   The Doctrine of God                                      15


Chapter IV.   The Doctrine of Christ                                   20


Chapter  V.    The Doctrine of Man                                      31


Chapter VI.   The Doctrine of Atonement:

Traditionalist Understanding                                           39


Chapter VII. The Doctrine of the Atonement:

Liberal Catholic Understanding                                       48


Chapter VIII. Sin, its Cause and its Cure                             58


Chapter IX.    Conversion and After                                     68


Chapter X.      Finality                                                          80


Chapter XI.    The Ultimate Authority                                  89


Chapter XII.   The Outlook                                                   97


Index                                                                                   107