Table of Contents


The Collected Works of

Edward M. Matthews, Vol. II

History and Introduction

The Absolute Truth
Advent: Are We Yet Waiting for Some Other?
The Advent Season
Advent: The Birth of Truth
Advent: His Messenger
Advent: I Will Not Leave You Friendless
The Altar of God
The American Crisis
And He Said, “Lord, I Believe”
The Approaching Storm
Are We Really Free?
Aspiration, Purpose and Goals
The Author of Confusion

Be at Peace
Belief and Faith
Bigotry [1953]
Born to the Light
Bow Down Thine Ear, O Lord

The Call For Decision [1953]
Can Christians Unite?
Can Democracy Survive in the United States?
Catholicism and Truth
The Christian Pattern
The Christian Faith and Flying Saucers
Christmas: The Coming of the Kingdom
Christmas: Divine Concept of Love
Christmas: A Great and Mighty Wonder
Christmas: The Nativity
Christmas: A Timeless Moment
The Church and Sacrifice
The Coming of Wisdom

The Deep Things of God

Easter: Death Hath No More Dominion
Easter (1954): The Fulfillment of Hope
Easter: The Resurrection and the World Beyond the Mind
Easter: The Resurrected Christ
Easter: What Came From God Must Unto God Return
Empty Vessels and Little Containers
The Eternal Sacrifice
Extending Our Frontiers

Faith and Duty
A Free Soul
A Free World
From One Generation to Another

God’s Armory
God's Foolishness (I Cor. 1:26-29)
God’s Gentlemen
God’s Hands
God’s Reality
The Greater Menace

Hatred and Egotism
Have Faith in Me
He Gave Thanks
A Hole in the Ground
How Lofty is Their Eyes (Prov. 30:13)

Illimitable Splendor
In the Beauty of Holiness
Infallibility and Truth
Inner Integrity
Into Thy Hands
Is Christ Essential?
Is God a Necessary Hypothesis?

Jesus As Lord
Justice and Truth

Liberalism [1953]
Life Made Visible
Lower Than the Angels

Meaning and Value
The Measure of Grace
Motivation and Values
The Mystery of Faith [1953]

Order and Disorder
The Other Self
Our God Is Marching On—Independence Day 1972
Out of the Depths

Palm Sunday, 1954: He Is Concerned For You
The Passion
Practical Christianity
The Pressure of “The Presence”
The Problem of Fear
The Purpose of Life

The Real Presence
Realization of Truth
Religion Is a Personal Matter
Religious Experience
Right Energy

Seeking and Purpose
Seeking the Beautiful
Seeking Truth
Set Your Affections on Things Above
The Shadow of Our Selves
Sharing God’s Nature
Some Basics of Freedom
Some Thoughts on Pride
The Spirit of Continuity
Spiritual Discernment
Spiritual Freedom
Spiritual Pivots

Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness
The Three Pillars
The Tools at Hand

Unfinished Business

Values and Ideals
The Value of Meaning
Vehicles of Truth

The Way of Freedom
What Is It To Thee?
The Wholeness of Life
The Willful Blind
A Witness to the Truth
A World Shall Tremble at Thy Presence