Table of Contents

Forewords and Introduction

Chapter 1 The Earliest Creeds

Chapter 2 Early Christianity a Cheerful Religion

Chapter 3 Origin of Endless Punishment

Chapter 4 Doctrines of Mitigation and Reserve

Chapter 5 Two Kindred Topics

Chapter 6 The Apostles’ Immediate Successors

Chapter 7 The Gnostic Sects

Chapter 8 The Sibylline Oracles

Chapter 9 Pantaenus and Clement

Chapter 10 Origen

Chapter 11 Origen—Continued

Chapter 12 The Eulogists of Origen

Chapter 13 A Third Century Group

Chapter 14 Minor Authorities

Chapter 15 Gregory Nazianzen

Chapter 16 Theodore of Mopsuestia and the Nestorians

Chapter 17 A Notable Family

Chapter 18 Additional Authorities

Chapter 19 The Deterioration of Christian Thought

Chapter 20 Augustine—Deterioration Continued

Chapter 21 Unsuccessful Attempts to Suppress Universalism

Chapter 22 The Eclipse of Universalism

Chapter 23 Summary of Conclusions

An Act of Faith